Sunday, 13 November 2011

Thought of the day...

This really made me laugh and doesn't need anything else said about it. What a way to keep your 2012 diary.

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The Switch On

I have been to the Oxford Street area more times that it is probably healthy this week, I have therefore grasped a good idea of the different area Christmas lights. Carnaby Street are my favourite - they have gone for mistletoe and Holly and it works really well in the setting

Oxford Street have gone for presents and umbrellas (no, I didn't get it either...) but they do look nice. Regent Street have Arthur Christmas.
A couple more that made me smile..

Liberty (obvs)

And Woody:

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A Liberty bit Pudsey

I love Liberty - it is such a nice building but doesn't really get a lot of attention, it seems to be overshadowed by the also fabulous Selfridges on the Oxford Street end and on the upmarket side of things Fenwicks on the Bond Street side. Having worked in Liberty house adjoining the building I have a lot of time for the place. It also has the most amazing chocolate shop with lashing of Charbonnel et Walker truffles (my favourite).

Today we came across the designer Pudsey Bear's, they are very cute. I'm assuming they are going to be auctioned for the Children in Need Charity, hopefully the Louis Vuitton Pudsey comes with the suitcase! The Liberty one was probably my favourite, I just loved his tiny Liberty carrier bag!

I have to say, as much as I love the shop I think Selfridges do outdo them on the Christmas store front, or maybe they are just a bit more out there with kitsch. It was very classically festive.

It's beginning to look a lot like Chrismas...
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Shortly Fabulous

Another day, another work function. This time I was not only excited, but my expectations were surpassed. Not something that happens often. Myself and two colleagues were attending the Virgin Media Shorts Awards, something I didn't realise until the next day were a very big thing.

We were welcomed on the evening with champagne - the only way an evening should start really. It was also exceptionally busy even though in effect it had only just started. Usually with work functions you can arrive a good 30 minutes to an hour after the allotted start time and still be there in plenty of time (such was the case with the structured vajazzle night...vajazzle).

It wasn't long before we were being lead towards the theatre for the ceremony. Here we were asked to leave our glasses (cue...downing champagne), but not to be a bad thing these were being replaced with wonderful little bottles of Lanson with straws, how very model-esque.

It only got better when we got inside, on the seats were bottles of water (largely left untouched) and boxes of popcorn (largely wolfed down before the awards started...standard). Attached to the popcorn was a small envelope with two cinema tickets inside to see a film of your choice at a PictureHouse cinema, it was a really nice touch.

Danny Wallace was hosting the evening and he was largely very funny. The 12 short movies were shown in batches of three with all of the finalists receiving their movie on 3mm film (I think this is right, correct me if I'm wrong).

John Hurt took to the stage to present the biggest award of the evening. I didn't know the name but I'm told he is a very famous actor from Elephant Man fame. I was more interested to hear he was in Harry Potter, however when he took to the stage he spent his time to build up the presentation of the award snidely slating the Harry Potter franchise. It was really obvious and really odd. i still don't know why.

After the ceremony it was back to the party for a selection of free cocktails and canapes - Paloma Faith was DJ'ing and we also did some celebrity spotting (albeit not a-list). I had the chance to meet Danny Wallace and also the very handsome Rick Edwards of T4 fame.
Edible flower in the punch

Paloma Faith DJ'ing with a shoe
It was a fantastic evening and had I not had work the next day one that had the potential to get a little messy. As it was I was very sensible and left shortly after midnight to get home. Well done me.
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Vajazzle, Vajazzle, Vajazzle

On Wednesday evening (yes I am incredibly slack at getting this post up) I attended an evening of discussion on the TV genre du jour...structured reality. That's fake reality TV to the common observer. Spencer from Made in Chelsea (MIC) was supposed to be on the panel - the main reason for my excitement at attendance. Once we were safely seated however it was announced he would not be attending. Hmmm, too late to back out. His replacement (available at short notice therefore much less interesting...) Ollie from MIC. He was sitting alongside Amy from seasons 1 and 2 of The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE).

Now I was a huge fan of TOWIE in the first season, it didn't feel forced and the people were pretty endearing. As it went on it became really panto and so unbelievable it was annoying - however for some reason unbeknown to me I can't stop watching it. I did however love TOWIE so much that initially I refused to watch MIC...It was a rip off, it was never going to be any good, the people looked annoying etc etc. Oh how that changed.

I love Chelsea season 1 miles more than the newer TOWIE episodes, however even that has become panto as it has gone on. What annoys me about these programmes now is how the characters are just using it as a springboard to make more money. Anyone watching TOWIE must think it's incredibly easy to open a shop, they're all at it. In MIC they're much more interested in profiteering from themselves whether it be a clothing line, book deal or recording contract. It's so unrealistic the breaks these people get and must be terribly frustrating for those watching putting in the years of hard graft to get where these people get effortlessly.

This brings me on to the main area of discussion for one person on the panel - pretty much the only area of discussion for that person. Amy is clearly getting paid to pedal Vajazzles. It was literally every second word she said even when there was no clear context. At one stage someone was talking about retaking a driving test and her input into the conversation? I'd vajazzle the car. It was honestly painful to hear.

Still, we watch and we talk so what more to TV producers want? I will knock it but I'll also continue to watch. Car crash TV or not it sure is compelling viewing.

What all the fuss is very own vajazzle kit to take home
Star of MIC, author and soon to be (I'm sure) Vidal Sassoon/L'Oreal model)
Ollie and Vajazzler extraordinaire Amy (vajazzle)
If you can't beat them...
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So...I'm doing it again

Maybe it's a good thing, it may beat lots of wordy commentary, but I've had such a hectic week again the only thing I can do to capture it is another week in pictures. I've taken 74 on my iPhone this week (not including all the ones I delete as I go). I do however think I'll break it into two, a work week and the weekend. The work week has been fairly exciting though. I attended an evening panel discussion on the craze that has swept the nation, not so reality TV - or structured reality as they are calling it. I also attended the fabulous Virgin Media shorts awards whereby I rubber shoulders with the stars and supped champagne. It's a hard life....

Monday started with a trip to the Soho Hotel for a meeting followed by sushi

Tuesday I got to enjoy some of my favourite things, the red cups at Starbucks (second only to the Coca Cola advert to know Christmas is coming!) and something cold and sparkly...(alas not a diamond)

On Wednesday lunch was minorly marred by the student protests, or more accurately the grossly over exaggerated police presence. There were literally hundreds of them - and we saw about 20 protesters. Nice to know my tax dollars are being well spent...hmmm

Quite a pretty horse through. Now what is better than chocolate cake? Eating chocolate cake off Justin Beibers face, that's what. A birthday at work prompting a sugar overload.

And while we're on the subject of overloading on food, in honour of some American guests in the office we ordered a vast amount of fish & them a real British welcome. After eating this I was literally stuffed for the day...luckily all I had to eat in the evening was canapes.

Luckily as I've been consuming a ridiculous amount of calories I managed the same number of workouts as last week (all before work of course) - four 3 mile runs, 2x 30 minute swims and 1x 45 minute walk to my hour long personal training session. I also ran for 10 minutes to the supermarket today with an empty backpack and then back with a full one, not the longest in the world but as they would say...every little helps!
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Sunday, 6 November 2011

There is no before...

Due to my sleeping in to an unbelievable time of 12.37 in the afternoon (!) I had no time to do the things in the morning I wanted to do before getting my hair cut - including taking a before picture. I did however make it to Soho in time for my appointment.

I like to look at the hairdressers hair in a salon to get an idea of which one I think I want to do mine. Turns out the lady who was lucky enough to be assigned with my tresses had very short hair, almost shaven to her head. Not a look I would be emulating. When consulted on colour I was armed with a picture but then told it was hard to work out from a picture and I'd have to work from the tiny strands of hair they have in the book. I really wanted to be told this is what you need this will look good, but alas I chose my base colour (no6 light brown) and my gloss (honey chestnut).

The cut I was equally as vague as the colour, again wanting to be told what would look good. My hair has been the same forever. I need to keep my fringe and I don't want to lose the length - so not much can be done. She did however go a bit snip happy on my fringe when it was wet so predictably it is too short and a bit concave. It does grow quickly though so hopefully will be OK.

I now have lots more hair in the fringe so it's much thinker which I quite like. The colour I also is the evidence. I have just chosen a picture from the recent archive to act as the before.

Overall I'm fairly happy with it; although I'll be happier in a week or so when my fringe grows down a bit...
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Friday, 4 November 2011

The week in pictures

It has been an exceptionally busy week...hence being at home cozied up in PJ's at 8pm on a Friday night. I am however exceptionally proud of my fitness regime this week, although I have been out every night I have managed to get up every morning and get in a workout before work. Running 3 miles to work Monday (and swimming for 30 mins), running 3 miles Tuesday and Wednesday, walking the route Thursday followed by an hour personal training first in a while and the 3 mile run this morning followed by a 30 minute swim. I had the pool to myself as well and it was utterly divine.

The best way to give an idea of the rest of my week is through my unfortunately low 6 mega pixel...

Charbonnel et Walker truffles in Liberty chocolate room...added to the Christmas list!
Filet at The Hansom Cab

These fabulous looking concoctions are from Purl in Marlybone
More venues should have pinball tables
Balloon making - kitsch but oh so cool
Rounding the week off with lunch at Shoreditch House
Next week is looking equally can tell it's the run up to Christmas. I'm also having my hair cut and coloured tomorrow - the first time this the very odd experience. Here's hoping Headmasters do a good job. I may even do a before and after post.
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