Saturday, 13 April 2013

Where in the world? Cannes to Bodo's

I'm hoping I can be forgiven for not knowing where in the world I am at the minute. From partying in Cannes at various Scandinavian, German and of course French events to a day at Turkish baths and dining at one of my favourite Austrian restaurants in London, my passport has been well and truly stamped this week.

It started with an Irish (read: Guinness) themed dinner, that also featured Amarula liquor from South Africa. This pleased me greatly being such a fan of 'Randall Narrates' work (Google it)

Following this it was bikini time for Turkish Bathes

On arrival in Cannes we took every possible opportunity to soak up the sun we have been so deprived of in London.

This is what we left April? Seriously?!
While in Cannes our favourite little Caribbean Run bar was frequented - post some very fresh seafood at Astoux.

We were sad when the rum was over. So of course we ordered another more photos of Cannes! Well, maybe this sneaky Parisian one.

On arriving back I immediately went off to Bodo's Schloss < read all about it. Here it was Schnitzel with noodles and dumplings followed by copious amounts of cocktails....even Bernard was thirsty

Thus concludes an epic week. 
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