Sunday, 30 October 2011

Shake and bake...

"That is the best thing I've ever put in my face" was a comment from one lucky recipient of the brownies I made. Admittedly they were delicious, and incredibly easy to make. The hard part is burning them off.

It is seriously easy to do...packet cookie mix (I used white chocolate chip) packet of Oreo biscuits (I alternated the rows between chocolate stuffed and original) and a brownie mix (I opted for Betty Crocker fudge, standard).

Following the recipe on the cookie box I found getting the greaseproof paper staying in the dish to be the hardest thing. After spreading this out, top with the biscuits and finally the brownie mix. Bake for 35 mins and voila...delicious melt in the middle gooey yet crunchy on the top and bottom brownies.

Speaking of burning off, I also joined the gym this week near the office. The plan is to run there (3 miles) followed by a leisurely swim and shower before heading to the office. I have only encountered a couple of problems thus far...

1) You have to pay extra for a towel at the gym...I find this odd since there is a pool - do you really have to pay £1 a time?! that is really going to add up on an annual membership. Taking my own towel not only takes up lots of space in my back pack that I'm running with - it also needs to dry during the day.

2) When I was running to work previously it was direct to the office - therefore I had left all toiletries, make up, towel, shoes etc there leaving lots of space in my bag. Faced with running to a gym I am having to carry this back and forward every day (the office isn't unlocked early enough for me to pick it up at the end of my run - another perk of previous office/running situation I had the keys and alarm key since I was usually the first person in.

By the time my towel, make up, clothes etc etc are in my backpack there really isn't room for a coat - not ideal in the winter. Also shoes are a squeeze - totally ruled out wearing knee high boots. I've also been trying to be good and make my own lunch to take in - again the need for space is a compromise. What gets left out?

3) I'm not a fan of taking a back pack out with me in the evening, especially as I have so much on in the week.

So that is the current situation. After joining on Tuesday I managed to run on Wednesday. Wednesday evening I had an awards ceremony thing - to which my back pack accompanied me. It was a fairly late night and I knew I was out on Thursday and didn't fancy a big back again so decided against the run Thursday vowing to do an extra hard workout Friday morning, little did I know I was going to have such a good night on Thursday I wouldn't be getting home until Friday morning. Damn.

As ever with Sunday nights....I promise to be better this week! I've made my lunch already so that needs to go in. With it being Halloween tomorrow I have a party to go to in the evening so will have to carry the bag. I also have very difficult decisions to make regarding footwear. The aforementioned knee high boots I purchased yesterday from Office in the sale (£25 off £120, pics to come) are divine and incredibly comfortable. I also want to wear a fairly structured blazer which doesn't pack down very well...

The joys of trying to be fit!!

Thank you to The Londoner for the fab brownie recipe...recommend the blog
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