Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Louboutin Love

I'm hard on shoes - I don't know why, they just seem to get wrecked really easily. The streets of London are harsh on a delicate stiletto heel. I always seem to manage scraping heels on stairs, in cobbles, drains - everywhere.

I love my Louboutins, and also believe you shouldn't keep things in cotton wool and not enjoy them - I love my shoes, I am going to wear them! Not that I pop to Tesco Express in my favourite nude pair, but you get the idea. SO last time I wore said nude pair was the wedding a few weeks ago, not really much opportunity there to ruin shoes, inside a reception hall then bused to a hotel - well somehow I manage to find myself making an emergency run to Morrison's in between the ceremony and the breakfast - yes in my heels, yes in my dress, yes in the middle of the day (being beeped by a garbage truck really was the highlight...hmmm).

My rationale is people who usually wear these shoes are driven everywhere, carried my a gorgeous man or on a cloud to some fantastic venue where they do not dance, but sit in a VIP booth and are then carried back to said awaiting chauffeur driven vehicle. Me? I have to travel the normal way. The non Louboutin friendly way.

Pending the imminent Vegas trip I decided to have them heeled (my favourite nude pair). They actually come with a pair of spare heels, so I foraged under the bed for the box and found my other, older more frequently worn black patent pair. Wow. Clearly they were put away immediately after a night out - a night out in which they got very messy and very, very worn -

Now this isn't solely (haha get it!) to blame on one night, this particular pair are probably 2 years old, but they don't get an excessive amount of wear - and really when you pay that much for shoes you will hope they last. I intended to take them to Timpsons - the most reputable well known shoe repair company on the high street - agree? Well on the way to Timpsons I walked by another company who I have previously had keys cut by. I figured I'd ask for the price. He then asked to see the shoes and recognised the red - and could do it there and  then, well ok then.

I reluctantly handed over my prize possessions and now know the reason it's best to collect at a later date! The pliers came out and ripped off what was left of the existing heels! ARGH! He was also trying to convince me to have them re-soled, isn't this blasphemy? Have iconic red soles re done?!! Never! Although they have red soles that don't wear, that's the point! Louboutins - genuine Louboutins do wear. Some fake knock offs don't as they are plasticy. I really wouldn't want to give that impression. He assured me people do have them done and also said they will not put a red sole on any other brand of shoe! Not a bad thing I suppose.

An amazing trick also, he used OPI nail polish in Salmon Sand to touch up the nude pair where I'd scuffed them! It's a really good match - will have to invest in some of that! Reminds me before of when my car was keyed and I tried - and failed to cover that up with the prescribed paint.

They did a fantastic clean up and polish on both pairs - something he told me Timpsons do not do! Also I got two new little dust bags for them! I'd purposefully left my real dust bags at home in case I was leaving my shoes to pick up another day and when I went to collect they were missing. Fab! And all for the grand price of £12 a pair - much cheaper than a new pair (I was going to resign the black pumps to the bin).

Here is the after - not perfect, but miles better. What I also really like was the slogan on the back of their t-shirts, I had to double take as initially I thought it was the old standard phrase but no (and this really is true!)

Time wounds all heels

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