Sunday, 7 August 2011


So I'm not sure if the correct terms is lampposts or lamp posts, but there was debate about them last night at home with the parents. Apparently Northants county council has come up with an excellent money saving initiative...turn off the street lights! not at any given time, or just in the summer...permanently.

Now as we know many walkers, cyclists and countless paper boys and girls count on the street lights, not to mention drivers seeing all of the above. Potholes, roadkill, broken glass, the hazards are endless, but the real sticking point for me was the next part of this 'money saving' initiative is not to just leave the lights off. They are going to dig them all up.

Now I am no expert in the costs of such labour, road works, machinery and people people it will take to dig up thousands of lamp posts across the county, but it sounds expensive! Oh and not to mention the persons job it has been recently to be employed to go around every post, un hook the fuse (or whatever you do with fuses) and then stick a sticker on it.

Excellent idea Northants County Council - money saving experts.
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