Thursday, 25 August 2011

Days 2, 3 and 4 - Sacred Heart Diet

Day 2

So today I intended to go for a run first thing, it was chucking it down...forget that! I still had tonight's zumba as a back up so didn't feel too bad listening to the rain out the window from bed...

Today's diet consisted of loads and loads o f veggies, the soup but no fruit. Due to this breakfast posed a challenge! Instead I opted for a mid morning snack of butternut squash. Now I also understand why I don't buy butternut squash even though I love took absolutely ages to prepare! Potato peeler?!? Who are they kidding! I used a healthy amount of chili powder and it was actually satisfying.

Lunch...soup easy I already made it! Day 2 also allows for a jacket potato, but that was waiting for dinner. And I was going to cook it microwave for me!

Dinner also consisted of loads of green veg - broccoli, sugar snap peas and spinach yum. The soup was only OK, I can tell I'm going to be sick of it. Still I'm sticking to it!

Day 2 dinner
 Day 3

I was actually looking forward to the fruit today, nice big juicy cantaloupe for breakfast. Day 3 allows all fruits except bananas and all of tr veg, plus the soup of course!

It's a lot of effort preparing all this for work. One carton of soup, one container of broccoli and sugar snap peas to go with the soup and 3/4s of a cantaloupe..that's all I could fit in the pot.

It was quite hard work having the soup again, the veg were nice but it also didn't help someone had clearly turned the microwave right down and I hadn't noticed, so 2 minutes hadn't even taken the chill off...back down 2 flights of stairs for a couple more minutes...I'm pretty sure all the goodness will be gone from veg having nuked them twice!

I drank a hell of a lot of water today and a cup of peppermint tea..and resisted office chocolates.
I'm quite looking forward to a bit of variation tomorrow...bananas and skimmed milk...hmmm well see! Isn't it steak day yet!

Oh and on the weights and measures front I'm not noticing anything yet, but I do have quite tight trousers on..I guess the proof will be Sunday!

It's also quite hard to resist lunch and dinner plans, being on a diet is so unsociable

Day 4

The banana and milk day! I was a bit apprehensive about the taste of skimmed milk, it's not something I normally drink unless it's in the form of a skinny vanilla latte with sugar free vanilla syrup compliments of Starbucks.

My mum had the good idea of mashing up the banana and fashioning some kind of milkshake, although in the distinct absence of a blender the plan was foiled. Turned out though skimmed milk actually just tastes like normal milk! I pretended it was a white Russian sans vodka and managed to (through the course of the day) drink a full litre of the stuff - and the required three bananas. This along with a full punnet of strawberries, half a mango and, you guessed it...soup. The soup part is really becoming a chore.

Still...something to look forward to, tomorrow is beef and tomatoes day!! YAY! Now for some more cantaloupe and possibly some spinach before bed. Weights of measures: feeling thinner in the stomach area, could be in my head. Also quite tired - lack of any real stodgy carbs.
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