Sunday, 2 September 2012

Carrie Travels: Munich Munching, Bavarian Beering

Continuing my marathon whirlwind tour of Europe next on the agenda was Munich. I've been before but only when it's freezing cold thus not so fun. I also didn't really get a chance to do any of the touristy things.

When thinking of Munich / Bavaria we have this wonderfully stereotypical view of old gents donned in lederhosen giving hearty 'Prost' with gusto clinking a ridiculously large stein (or maß). I was thrilled to see this is actually indeed the case.

Traditional Bavarian Beer Hall

Oompah Band
Te first stop on my Bavarian education was the traditional biergaeten. It was a hot and sunny day so we hopped on bikes (as is the Munich way) and parked up. I was amazed to see the guys didn't even worry about locking them up, knowing they'd be safe. This would never happen in London. You leave your bike unchained for 5 minutes chances are when you return it's gone.

I was told I would be having a traditional maß - no choice in that. When in Rome..
'Normal' size beer and a Bavarian Beer

If you haven't seen these beers before its hard to get the scale. I needed two hands to drink it. Te beer inside was really nice, luckily. I was also informed you have to drink it pretty quick otherwise it will get warm and flat.
A pint...of WINE

After one of these safe to say I was feeling tipsy and I wasn't going to tackle another one, so what else to about a pint of wine? Weisswein scholler is basically a spritzer but larger than life. As I'm learning is the way here. The German wine isn't as good as the beer so I made this last. The diet wasn't going well...especially as we had pretzels and a dippy cheese thing. Another thing about Bavarians, they love to feed you. I literally had people forcing things in my mouth.

Less traditionally the following night was a Greek restaurant. Another thing about Germans? They love a Prost...or since we were in Greece 'yamas'. The proprietor of the bar just left us with the bottle. I how it felt like a good idea at the time. How the mighty fall after a bucket load of Aperol spritz, ouzo and 'hugo' (a local cocktail).

Aperol Spritz and a tin / jug of wine

Aside from the delicious food and over indulging in the drink, I managed to see some of Munich. Which was a treat especially on a business trip.

Nondescript meat product

My liver barely has time to recover before heading to Madrid...Prost
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