Sunday, 23 September 2012

Soho Fun Run

How to make friends on the tube? Have your face painted like a tiger, or cat depending on who you talk to. Why would you have your face painted you may ask? Well I may have run around Soho with one leg in a pair of tights and a friend in another leg doing a 3 legged bar crawl. Just another day at the office.

The Soho fun run is in aid of Vision Charity and public humiliation is the name of the game. With a vague map and clues you schlep around London looking like a right goon aiming to decipher clues and picking up drinks along the way. The event culminates in Soho square where music, dancing and more drinks ensue all in aid of charity.

'Prize' for completing the course? I think not
Sticky hair
Smug people on the right side of the cage
Repping it up post a soaking
So, we go home after all this looking ridiculous, but - knowing you're doing your bit.
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