Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Carrie Travels: Amsterdam

I start with a grovelling apology. I've been clearly having too much fun and not enough time to blog. Must try and stop that. As promised here is a whistle stop tour of my Amsterdam trip. It's short as I spent most of the time working. I did manage a small walk around the city enough to make me want to go back. Here's what I picked up on my travels:

First off, I set off from Liverpool Street as I was flying from Southend. AKA the smallest airport in the world. It's just like a boarding gate with an extortionately overpriced cafe. Leaving first thing on a Sunday morning the sun was shining and the streets were empty. I wanted to shoot up to Duck and Waffle for a bit of breakfast but that would have to wait.

One of the things I did pick up in the extortionately overpriced cafe? Metacalfe's Skinny Popcorn. Oh my god this is amazing. It doesn't feel like there's a lot in the bag but the whole thing is well stuffed with plenty of light, fluffy and delicious popcorn. I need more of this in my life. Try it - is anyone doesn't like it leave me a comment and I'll change your mind!

Anyway, I digress. On my first evening in Amsterdam we headed to Rembrantplein which is one of the many many squares in Amsterdam filled with cafes (the regular kind rather than the smokey smokey kind), bars and perfect for people watching. You are generally always very close to a canal when in Amsterdam - which is a nice novelty when it's your first time. probably I was being judged in the same way I judge those who get giddy with excitement when they cross London Bridge.
Sunset sailing

You see a lot of cyclists in Amsterdam
Another canal

Lousy service and warm beer, great marketing

On the second night we headed for a few drinks in a make shift beach bar at 'work', then to a 7th floor panoramic bar for some mojitos before landing on a floating Chinese for dinner. Yep that's right, a Chinese restaurant on a boat. How erm, Dutch. Give it it's dues the food was great and the decor was camp as Christmas, we were also fairly merry at this point.
The interior of the floating Chinese
The view from the boat
Not before long I was heading back to Southend for the train journey that is longer than the flight (a mere 40 minutes). I would love to spend a couple of days of pleasure in Amsterdam. Next time...
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