Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Experimental Hair Do Club

In all my years I have never really experimented with my hair. I occasionally cut my own fringe but even that can turn out to be a nightmare. I have forever left my boring hair in the hands of the professionals, but I'm not even sure why as it ALWAYS looks the same.
Boot's Botanics Deepest Mulberry
Over the weekend I decided to bite the bullet and purchased a dye from Boots. I had various recommendations from friends and had an idea of the brands I'd trust from the ads.When I went into Boots this was all ruined as none of the colours I liked on the branded packets looked like what I had in mind. As ever I wanted something nondescript. Reddy brown with lots of texture and not a flat colour. My natural hair is very multi-coloured so I don't want it to be unnatural.

Boots Botanical had a nice colour facing me from the front of the bottle - but of course it's not just the front of the packet you need to look at. The back of the box is where the 'if you are starting with this colour your hair will come out this colour' box. This box actually had a colour that suited my original AND a result that was exactly what I wanted.
I started as dark blonde...apparently
Question: Why do they make the actual dye purple?! Honestly it is terrifying thinking I am going to have purple hair. Not a good look. As I'm a wimp I went for semi perm, 24 washes to be precise. And what is the universal rule of this? If you hate it, it will never wash out, love it? It will wash out in 5 minutes.

My hair was honestly purple. When it came to washing through time the water in the bath was purple. Eventually it washed out to a feint pink. The proof however is in the blow dry. How did this turn out? Amazing! I completely loved it. Exactly the colour I wanted. New problem? Please don't wash out...

Here is before:

And after...

Can you see me under there?
Trying to get the light right

So...what do you think?!
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