Sunday, 23 September 2012

Glossybox: September Rising Stars

I'm pretty late blogging this - I'm also going to keep it short and snappy. Loved the packaging and the green box. Specially designed by freelance illustrator Maggie Li for one month only.
Glossybox designed by Maggie Li
On opening it felt a bit light. The first thing to catch my eye was an envelope reading 'Rodial nature, science, skincare'. Inside? Two variations each of very small samples. The first Glamoxy Snake Serum. Initially was a bit excited thinking it may be made of something very exotic however on visiting their website and also seeing 'Dragons Blood' products I believe this to be a marketing ruse.
Rodial Snake Serum
I had to fish around a bit for the rest of the products. Disappointingly I had another tiny perfume sample this time from the crazy house of Lady Gaga. She has apparently bottled fame. Clever. The 'black fluid' is pretty wasted in this vile as you can't see it. Perhaps in a full size bottle you will be in awe of this concept. I wasn't . The smell was also pretty standard. Nothing I will be running out and buying. It's quite heavy and not how I imagine Lady Gaga will smell. I'm sure her little monsters will be rushing out to buy. Little word of advice for anyone who will buy it, apply sparingly it is pretty pungent and lingers. If you are someone who tends to lose smells quite easily and feels like they aren't wearing perfume after 5 minutes of application this may be one for you.
Lady Gaga Bottled Fame
More hair oil next. This is a frequent product in my glossy box. This bottle seems a decent size but is only partially full. It smells nice and spoiler alert - I'm colouring my hair at some stage this week so will maybe give it a go depending on it's colour sealing properties.
Maghrabain Hair Oil
The most substantial feeling product in this month's box is the Vichy Idealia Day Care Cream. Again this may be a bit of a ruse as the box itself feels like it's the substantial thing. The cream inside is quite liquidy and not very thick, however on application my skin was glowy and light reflecting but it also felt a bit damp and not absorbed by the skin. Thus in a couple of minutes I was no longer any different to pre-application.

Vichy Idealia Cream
Finally the Balance Me under eye cream, a very small sample that doesn't appear to be filling it's 7ml casing. It doesn't feel particularly effective under eye, a little sticky after application. All in all, not the best box. I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt but next month may be make or break. I'm surprised at this especially all the stick they received after August's box...until next time.
Under eye cream

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