Thursday, 20 September 2012

Proms in the Park

A couple of weeks ago was one of the most fun fulled days of the social calendar. Proms in the Park. For the last few years I have been attending with a load of friends, booze and picnic. Such fun - especially as the weather has been so kind to us, never more so than this year when it was absolutely boiling.
Sunshine, spread out it's Pimms o clock
As the weather was looking so nice I opted for a pair of leggings with leather trim (as later it would cool down) and a studded rock sleeveless top. I packed a denim shirt and leather jacket to add as layers for later. Turns out I didn't even need them. The beer coat may have helped.

18 of us were in attendance. Not one person had been wise enough to pack water so quenching our thirst was made up of premix cosmopolitans, Strongbow and Pimms. Sounds pretty sensible since we were starting at 3pm, don't you think? 
Homemade flapjacks (not by me...)
My ahem homemade swiss rolls
A bit more hand modelling...Cosmo-tastic
We love this park...
We were feeling very patriotic and had royal masks, flags by the bucket load and later on acquired big old flags to drape ourselves in. The acts on the day ranged from Kylie Minogue, Il Divo, Alfie Boe, Bjorn Again and the Cast of Let it Be. The earlier acts were fantastic. We had a great time dancing around our picnic to classic Abba and Beatles tracks. For Il Divo we sang along terribly to the classic power ballads and then got really hyped up for Kylie who disappointed by singing everything really slow to tie in with her new orchestral Abbey Road album.
Kate popped along for some chick sticks

The Queen loves Boddingtons
The night finishes with amazing fireworks and a sing-a-long of some classic tunes such as Land of Hope and Glory, God Save the Queen and Jeruselum. The night is rounded off with a rendition of Auld Lang Syne and we all sway and dance and generally enjoy the merriment. It is a fantastic day of fun . When the ssun goes down....well it all gets a little messy....

Harry kept his pants on, this time
We weren't so sure about Phil though...

A bag of wine...

We're a pretty patriotic bunch

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