Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Playing Pro: Getting to grips with the EOS 550D

Since getting my new camera a few weeks ago I've been playing as I go, not really messing with the settings and keeping things like focus on Manual. I'd also only been using the one lens (an EF 50mm f/1.8ll should that mean anything to you).

It was time to get the other lenses out of the box and learn how to actually use the thing. I roped in a 'professional' to help me out and started learning all about things such as ISO 's and F stop numbers.
Working some AV
Starting at home a dead plant was the subject. Yep we had lots to work with! It was actually pretty fun to start manually focusing, although I have the tendency to try and hold it with the wrong hand.

After getting to grips with the basics we headed to Broadway Market to fit in with the rest of the hipsters.

This is called Orbing apparently 

This is my zoomiest lent (technical term) I was standing quite far away

Nothing technically good about this shot, I just love a dog coat

Fudge; Nom

Trying to capture some steam

Can you spot the Fox / Dog
It was then on to the pub to celebrate my awesomeness.
Loving the tankard / jar
Working some AV again
Action shot
So what do you think? Favourite picture?
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  1. -"professional"- I resent that!
    Good shots, but it's bokeh!