Monday, 26 November 2012

Haute Dawgs

Sausages. Sausages. Sausages. My freezer is full of them post the Good Food Show. I cannot stand by and let a bargain pass me by, especially when then taste so darn good. Unsurprisingly I've been pretty much stuffing my face with the little blighters, they just taste sooo goood.

I took some dog porn photos to show you the (boring) new ritual I have gotten into if I find myself going home after work instead of out to play.

First up, these particular beauties are The Keeble's. I have two varieties, breakfast and pork & apple. The latter are far superior. This time I am working Breakfast. Initially? Not so hot...literally

After about 12 minutes frying away they are transformed into deliciousness. Pop in a part baked baguette, cooked for 10 minutes and et voila. Bubbledogs doesn't open on a Monday, so this to me is the next best thing.

Plenty of French's spicy and smooth mustard you're away. No muss, no fuss, no sharing.

PS: I was going to call this post Hawt Dawg, but thankfully I googled it just in time and the Urban Dictionary came up. Please note folks, do NOT try that at home...
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