Monday, 22 August 2011

Sacred Heart Diet - Day 1

1 week today I will be jetting off to Vegas for a week - therefore I am in major bikini body panic mode.

I'm not one for diets - I love my food, I love chocolate and I love wine. Therefore I can never stick to philosophy tends to be if you work out enough and have everything in moderation - you're probably supposed to be that shape anyway!

HOWEVER all of the above has gone out of the window this week - well it's only 7 days, what can it hurt! The Sacred Heart Diet was recommended by a friend as a way to sensibly lose a few lbs in a week. It is supposedly used by doctors and overweight patients awaiting surgery to make it safer, well if it's doctor recommended that's good enough for me!

The principles seem to be a mix of a number of diets we're used to hearing about - minimal sugar, fat and meat and absolutely job lots of fruit and veg!

So day 1) now known as the day I broke my 'sturdy' bag for life carting an enormous amount of food from Sainsburys. Probably the healthiest trolley I've ever stacked!

The soup, which forms the basis of the diet is made of celery, onions, tomatoes, carrots, pepper, green beans, beef bullion and chicken noodles. I've made a lot of this to pretty much last the week (I'm hoping). To give you an idea we didn't even have a pan big enough, so I had to cook it in two!

Also on day 1 it's as much fruit as you like. Grapes and mango have been the order of the day. Cranberry juice is also allowed.

Tomorrow it's more soup (which I have spiced up with Tabasco and chili powder - that's also allowed) and loads of veggies. No fruit on day 2.

I've also managed a 4 mile run this morning, combined with the lugging shopping for ages I think that's a good day. Unfortunately I do not have scales so cannot give you a weight starting point, however I'm less concerned with what the scales say and more with how my clothes fit. Today, not well! I struggled to get into old faithful jeans. Lets see how it goes!
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