Sunday, 21 August 2011

Cakes, sackrace, bouncy castle...and the great British weather

Prior to arranging Paris I had committed to volunteer at the 'Wacky Olympics', something I didn't want to cancel on - so catching up on sleep would have to wait. I was off to Sydenham to help a very inspirational young woman pull off an all day event involving a variety of activities, music, food, kids, prizes...all things that generally lead to mayhem!

It was a gorgeous day early on, I'd opted for jeans along with my fetching green Macmillan tee...I was instantly regretting the jeans, I was BAKING! Running around in these all day was going to be fun! Also at these things I don't generally like to bring a bag - too much open space and no security = disaster, therefore I had sacrificed bringing the shades in favour of my glasses.

The set up - as ever was manic but we managed to pull it all together in time for the Young Mayor of Lewisham to officially open the games. He was a lovely young man, it's really refreshing to see young people doing good in the community and being motivated to take part in schemes such as this, especially after recently in the news it's been about children looting, rioting and generally being a pain.

Somehow - again, I'd managed to be responsible for the kids! Now, hopped up on sugar, with the sight of space hoppers, welly boos filled with water and a podium they were hard to keep track of! The 'Olympics' consisted of three events and 6 contestants per set and it was my job to get the kids ready for each 'heat', remember their names, keep score of each of their positions and generally rein in the mayhem...easy!

By the second or third games I'd really gotten in down...and it was fun! The kids were thrilled with their medals (I decided bronze for all even if they didn't make a podium position, I'm so generous!) We also had a couple of adult events which were incredibly competitive....and our very own Bob the Builder (almost) even took part!

Inevitably it wasn't long before the Great British weather turned...epically. The heavens literally opened - turns out leaving the shades at home was a good move, being soaked through channelling drowned rat AND having shades on would have been far too tragic.

Kids however don't care if it's raining...even though I had to face the tube soaking wet - I didn't envy the Mum's taking mud soaked kids post sack race in the back of their cars!

Even with the washout the day was successful, we raised a lot of money for a great cause...all that was left to do when I got home was crash on the couch, sleep through Zumba then wake up and order a pizza!! Well...I'd earned it!
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