Monday, 1 August 2011


So tonight I have had my hair cut and coloured - a deal through Groupon. Every haircut and colour I've had this year has been a Groupon deal. No loyalty for me - just give me the best price please!

Hairdressers however have this innate ability to make us succumb to their mind trickery more so than any other service provider. There is a recent advert detailing just this - the guy who walks into the barber shop and knows he has to leave but for some reason all his common sense evades him and he ends up with something he really didn't want. I can't say that has exactly happened to me tonight, but the whole experience is bizarre.

For a start, even though I've had my hair colours a number of times I was summoned 48 hours prior for a patch test, this normally wouldn't be an issue, but I do not live really close to the salon - hence the overspending in local shops near the hairdresser on Saturday (following brunch at the breakfast club in Angel, which was uh-mazing!).

Usually with Groupon deals the place is totally packed and you cannot get an appointment for love nor money. This place was quiet...worryingly quiet! However the girl was pleasant. And so begins the up sell...

First off I wasn't offered a drink (and it's boiling today) bye bye tip...and then the colour debate. I of course have my ideas which I need impossibly realised. 'Reddy brown, quite dark but not too dark, a brown base with red through it...maybe a copper, chestnut?? Now I'm hoping any hairdresser worth his/her salt can decipher this and transform me into something barely resembling what I walked into the salon looking like.

Once the colour was mixed up it was orange, like really orange. Soothed with the words 'don't worry about the stuff on your forehead we'll watch that up' I was glad I didn't have my glasses on! Speaking of that, she did however fashion some foil protectors for my glasses so I could wear them to read while the colour was setting.

So onto the wash, this really make or breaks a hairdresser. Massage chair, head massage, no water in the ears, fab smelling shampoo and conditioner...? None of this for me! I wasn't even stretched to ask if the water was an OK temperature! I was also asked 'do you want a treatment they are £5 extra' er no thanks...just stick with the conditioner love.

The most bizarre thing - I had to stand up behind the chair to get my hair cut?! Now my hair is by no means really long never mind floor length. Also the tugging! OUUUUCHHH!!! Finally a 'your hair is quite dry, I have these treatments you can buy...' er no thanks.

The result - not what I wanted, I look like me still but with slightly darker hair...I may upload a photo at some stage :)
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