Friday, 29 July 2011

Hopper Fitness

Average Tuesday night - arriving early for a new fitness class, we decide we do not fancy taking our Zumba lessons outside with people watching (Zumba is another one of our current endeavours - lots of fun) So, watching the ending Zumba class we see the balls arriving for Hopper Happiness, now I had wondered how the trainer managed to get 10 space hoppers to Highbury fields - turns out they are deflated and our first challenge was to pump them up!

So thinking that we didn't want to do Zumba in front of others in the park was soon dispelled when we had to race around cones on space hoppers! Then came squats - lots of them, holding the ball in the air, honestly the arms were killing! It is really a good work out, social and fun but more importantly I hurt for the next couple of days. We used the hopper like a Swiss ball but also the hopping (which is effectively squatting!) Oh and people were taking pictures and a small boy said 'my Mum says you're mad' - but it was definitely good fun. Usually Tuesday is Zumba night, and I've really been enjoying this of late, and obviously hopping in the park is very weather dependant. But I would do it again and recommend it!

The Vegas body is still in production, now if only I could work more on not wanting good food!

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