Monday, 25 July 2011

Cartier International Polo - Darling

This weekend was the Cartier International Polo and 200th Coronation Cup. Following weeks of washout rain the sun did not disappoint! Although I did discover today to my dismay that one shoulder dresses and blazing sunshine result in some very dodgy tan (OK I mean red...) lines!

Champagne at the grandstand
Price Harry supposedly played in the morning match, although we were very far away at this stage and did not see.

What we ate:

Marks & Spencer did a blinder in sales this weekend judging by every ones picnic hampers. We had Lochmur smoked salmon and broccoli quiche, pimento and jalapeno stuffed olives, chicken breast and mozzarella in seeded baps, all butter chocolate chip cookies, an assortment of dips (garlic and herb being the best) as well as chicken liver pate, a cheese board. Phew and yum.

What we drank:

Pommery champagne
Jacobs Creek Sparkling Rose
Cordineu Sparkling Rose
Pimms...lots of!

One of my favourite sites from the day was the gentlemen hanging their coats on the white picket fence! What a wash of pastel. I do really love seeing everyone dressed up.
The Gents cooling off
For the Coronation Cup we managed front row grandstand seats. The sun really was baking at this point, I felt for the Guards, players and horses! Still it was a fantastic day. Definitely be going back next year!
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