Thursday, 21 July 2011

The highlight of the evening...Rachel Stevens appearance

So as I am sitting here waiting for a date I'm not really interested in meeting, I wonder why the hell is this appealing?! This will be my 3rd experience on a blind date. This is how the experiences have gone...

1) he didn't look like his picture at all. As soon as I seen him I wanted to leave. Spend rest of time wondering when is the appropriate amount of time until I can leave. I decide it's 2 excruciating drinks.
2) he although isn't exactly like his picture he was fine. We actually have an ok night...he is the one to suggest more drinks and keep the night going. I never hear from him again.
3) and so here I am. Arriving on time (it's a curse of mine, perpetually on time...) the bar is quiet and dark.

Finding someone you don't know...difficult. I decide he's not here and wait at the bar painstakingly combing through the cocktail menu to kill time. After brushing off approximately 26 staff keen for me to open my purse I sit down. I even take off my jacket. After scouring the room from my vantage point he's either 15 mins late or nothing like his pic and contemplating whether he wants to come over. I text him to inform him in here in case, you know in the last 2 hours since we confirmed arrangements he's had a lobotomy. 10 mins later and a grand 25 mins late he decides to reply 'ok coming' er what?! Were you only thinking about it before. And no apology. If that text had come 5 mins later I would have I wonder, why the hell do we do it?!?

At what point he decides to arrive, what do I do?!? Be frosty, er hi I almost left, you're a moron get a watch and a clue?!
On the upside the venue he chose is fine, somewhere I haven't been before and pretty good. . (and so he arrives....)

2 drink minimum is enforced. After 1 he asks if I want to eat...I start to think what take away I want when I make my escape.

So at this point I'm really wishing I was with the guy I went out with the other night...not a blind date. With him yes I would have loved to have tried the amazing smelling Japanese in the cocktail bar/restaurant we were in.
I create an excuse I even believe myself in order to leave. The only saving grace..the cocktails were very good. The guy was boring as hell and at one point asked me (seriously) if I spoke Latin! Suffice to say that's 3 disasters..dare I keep going?!?

The highlight of the night? (yes a slow night) As we were leaving Rachel Stevens arrived. Beautiful and so tiny! My only fear about going to a perfectly decent guy...running into him again!
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