Monday, 25 July 2011

A weekend of terrible news

This weekend has bought a number of shocks to the UK news wire. The killings in Oslo have left shock waves around the world. A man who has gone on the biggest killing spree in modern times. Reading about it really is terrible. I feel for the victims, their families and the survivors. Quite how you get over something like that is beyond me.

Also this weekend news that was out of the blue, yet marked the end of the long and well documented demise of Amy Winehouse. It really is a tragic loss, she was so talented and now - no more. At this time it is unknown what exactly the cause of death is, although widely reported and highly likely to be drug related.

One thing about this weekend of dreadful news is the usual Sunday staple that would have reported these occurrences like no other is the News of The World. Ironically no longer in circulation - and also due to these incredible series of events, yesterdays biggest news (the phone hacking scandal surrounding the NoTW) is no longer news...Reading the Metro and Standard today it was barely mentioned at all.
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