Saturday, 9 March 2013

New York: Serendipity and Dylan's Candy Bar

Food in New York is the best in the world (sorry London, I still love you). If you're looking for something sweet there is no where better than East 60th Street. On the corner of this street - right behind Bloomingdale's you will find Dylan's Candy Bar.

Great shot for anyone named Kaylee...

This is basically an adults candy dream (things for the kids too...) Inside you will find sugar rush heaven.

I was tempted to take home a little rabbit, and some fudge, and a lollipop (sucker). But we had bigger fish to fry.

A few doors down from Dylan's is Serendipity 3. The serendipity three are a group who set up a niche coffee shop many years ago, which today has turned into a New York institution with it's famous frozen hot chocolate.

We had already had lunch the afternoon we came here, so were coming simply for dessert. We were also aware of the 1.5-2 hour average waiting time, so came a couple of hours before we knew we would be hungry enough - then headed off to Bloomingdale's where it is EASY to lose two hours!

On arriving back you cram into the small entrance way with all the other eager diners waiting their turn (and you thought Brit's loved a queue). We were seated upstairs and immediately in awe at the size of the menu. It was mammoth, almost a relief we knew exactly where we were headed. The frozen hot chocolate aisle.

While I was mildly distracted by someone else's cheesecake on another table - Serendipity is famous for it's frozen hot chocolate. Two flavours were drawing our attention - regular and peanut butter. There is a minimum spend per head so knowing how massive these are you cannot share one. One of each it was.

The waiters make simple looking work of carrying these enormous calorie laden treats upstairs on trays carried at shoulder height; frankly it made me nervous! When our chocolates arrived they were, as predicted each equally the size of a family of four's semi-detached home. I went for the peanut butter - good choice. Basically a cross between melted ice cream and a milkshake, the frozen hot chocolate is heaven in a rather large bowl.

We switched and the chocolate was good, it tasted more what you would consider to be a hot chocolate only cold, if that makes sense?! There are also chunks of chocolate in the drink/dessert/dinner.

Serendipity also has pretty much everything in the restaurant for sale. Downstairs is adorned with Tiffany Lamps hung high, low, left and right. Fancy taking one of them home?!

All we took with us were very full bellies. We walked through central park to burn off some calories - before heading back to the hotel to get ready for another evening on the town...
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