Tuesday, 12 March 2013

New York: The Empire Hotel

On 63rd and Broadway you will find my new favourite hotel in New York, maybe even the world. Yes there are a number of fabulous hotels in New York, this however is Chuck Bass' Hotel! From the awnings outside the Empire is instantly recognisable - a New York (and Gossip Girl) icon. Perfect place for a rooftop bar don't you think?

As soon as you get to the front door this place oozes cool. Being greeted by the doorman and stepping over the threshold, it's about to get cooler. The lobby is decked out so temptingly, the lobby bar may be your first port of call. In here you can also get the famous Gossip Girl cocktails. Everything from the Guinness infused 'lonely boy' to the champagne riddled 'Dorota's Secret'.

We opted for a 'Who is Charlie Rhodes' and 'Dorota's Secret', they were both ridiculously delicious, and the sofas were so comfy - a great place for people watching and seeing the world go rushing by. Upstairs you will find a whole other world.

The Rooftop Bar at the Empire Hotel is possibly my favourite venue in New York now. I can see myself back here with a much bigger group having a ball post work on a Friday night. This was the nice thing about the clientele too...more locals than tourists. A very chic crowd of after work drinkers starting their night with a hell of a view.

In the summer the roof comes off and the sun comes down, but for now the fire was on and the lights down. Awesome. the music was also fantastic (some current hits mixed with old school classics). One of my favourite parts of the whole place? The small ICONIC terrace housing the Empire Hotel signage. Definitely coming back here in the summer to spend some awesome summer nights - staying here? Go on then...until this time you will find me whining about not being here.
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