Monday, 11 March 2013

New York's Best Burger; Shake Shack

Meat Liquor, Honest Burgers, Hawksmoor, Lucky Chip - Some of London's finest burgers. My quest for the absolute best one continues, so why would I take a day off when in New York? On good authority, Shake Shack is one of New York City's best burgers.
My lipstick didn't last...
A reasonably sized 'shack' in Madison Square Park houses the original Shake Shack outlet. One has recently opened up further in Midtown/towards the Upper East Side, but despite the weather we were going for the authentic experience. There is also a live camera viewing the queue so you can anticipate your wait before you head down! We hedged our bets and thought around 11.45 on a Saturday would be dead quiet - we were wrong.
Already fairly busy at 11.45am on a Saturday
The queue however was fairly non-existent. On ordering you are given a buzzer and wait for your freshly prepared burgers, fries and shakes. The Shake Shack menu is simple. Good burgers, crinkle cut fries and thick shakes - they also serve beer for the more boozy lunchers amongst us...

The Shake Shack Menu

I love seeing others taking photos of their food!

We opted for a couple of burgers and fries to share. As we were heading to Serendipity for frozen hot chocolate later on, we curbed the desire for shakes and just went for Coke...

Luckily there was a table under a heater free so we dived over and took a pew waiting for the wasn't much more than 5 minutes before I headed over to the receiving hatch to collect our box of goodness. Being cold it obviously had to wolfed down immediately before the chips went arctic, but I managed to put M off long enough to snap a couple of photos.
The Shack Burger 
Smokehouse Shack Burger and crinkle fries
M went for the straight up Shack Burger, myself the Smoke Shack, this is similar to the Shack burger but with bacon and cherry peppers. It also packed a bit of a punch. I have bad memories of crinkle chips, probably from a misspent youth of school dinners and microchips, but these were delicious. Crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside and most importantly...HOT!

The burger? Well frankly within 15 seconds it was gone. All over my freezing hands, face but luckily most in my tummy! Quite a thin patty is seasoned perfectly, and the toppings are amazing. The bun has a satisfying glean. It held together well while I was tearing away at the 100% Angus beef and Niman Ranch Applewood Smoked bacon.
A squiffy Coke...
Savouring the last bite

M and I both agreed it was a damn good burger. For days after, however we did resist temptation to go many amazing foodie places, so little time!

After we'd finished wondering around Madison Park is great, you are really close to the flat iron building and it feels very 'local', as it was the weekend the dog park was full of pets having a lovely day out...I wonder if any of them are getting a treat at Shake Shack afterwards.

A local squirrel enjoying the sunshine
The local dog park, loving this fuzzy bear dog

You can see the live 'shack cam' here
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