Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Lazy Bones Farringdon

Last week a new restaurant has it's sneaky debut without any fanfare or ribbon cutting. I've written about the Cowcross Street/Farringdon area A LOT, mainly because so many awesome food joints have been popping up in the short time I've been working in the vicinity (think Polpo, Byron... among others)

It's no secret I LOVE pulled pork and beef brisket, so naturally I was at the front of the queue to try Lazybones. Set just back off Cowcross Street, LazyBones is an awesome set up, welcoming for both a quick drink or two, lunch or dinner. The interior has an excellent vibe, even though it was quiet.
Lazybones Menu = Nom

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The order of the day (as written outside the venue) is 'Slow Meats and Long Drinks'. Those meats on offer, pulled pork, beef brisket, chicken wings, hot dogs and for the veggies among us, falafal wraps. Beers, a small selection of wines and cocktails are on the appetite whetting list.
Drink menu

We opted for beef brisket and pulled pork - accompanied by fries, both naked and cheesy. The food comes quick and is served with guacamole and coleslaw respectively. The portions are relatively 'lunchy', you won't be full after wolfing down a sandwich (or open sandwich in the PP case) and some fries. You will probably be happy though!
Pulled Pork
Beef Brisket
Beef Brisket with Guacamole

While the meats were nothing in comparison to Mighty Quinn's BBQ they were pretty good. Very finely pulled/sliced so you never feel like your getting a massive meaty mouthful (sometimes, you want one...in the pulled pork kind of way!)

Cheesy Fries

Popcorn Toppers

The fries were miles better with cheese on them. We drank a bottle of wine, which was a very reasonably priced £20.

I would definitely go back for either lunch or beers after work. I imagine when it gets off the ground it will be a popular spot for both. I hope the sandwiches get meatier and yummier...then you may not be able to keep me away!

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