Friday, 4 November 2011

The week in pictures

It has been an exceptionally busy week...hence being at home cozied up in PJ's at 8pm on a Friday night. I am however exceptionally proud of my fitness regime this week, although I have been out every night I have managed to get up every morning and get in a workout before work. Running 3 miles to work Monday (and swimming for 30 mins), running 3 miles Tuesday and Wednesday, walking the route Thursday followed by an hour personal training first in a while and the 3 mile run this morning followed by a 30 minute swim. I had the pool to myself as well and it was utterly divine.

The best way to give an idea of the rest of my week is through my unfortunately low 6 mega pixel...

Charbonnel et Walker truffles in Liberty chocolate room...added to the Christmas list!
Filet at The Hansom Cab

These fabulous looking concoctions are from Purl in Marlybone
More venues should have pinball tables
Balloon making - kitsch but oh so cool
Rounding the week off with lunch at Shoreditch House
Next week is looking equally can tell it's the run up to Christmas. I'm also having my hair cut and coloured tomorrow - the first time this the very odd experience. Here's hoping Headmasters do a good job. I may even do a before and after post.
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