Sunday, 13 November 2011

So...I'm doing it again

Maybe it's a good thing, it may beat lots of wordy commentary, but I've had such a hectic week again the only thing I can do to capture it is another week in pictures. I've taken 74 on my iPhone this week (not including all the ones I delete as I go). I do however think I'll break it into two, a work week and the weekend. The work week has been fairly exciting though. I attended an evening panel discussion on the craze that has swept the nation, not so reality TV - or structured reality as they are calling it. I also attended the fabulous Virgin Media shorts awards whereby I rubber shoulders with the stars and supped champagne. It's a hard life....

Monday started with a trip to the Soho Hotel for a meeting followed by sushi

Tuesday I got to enjoy some of my favourite things, the red cups at Starbucks (second only to the Coca Cola advert to know Christmas is coming!) and something cold and sparkly...(alas not a diamond)

On Wednesday lunch was minorly marred by the student protests, or more accurately the grossly over exaggerated police presence. There were literally hundreds of them - and we saw about 20 protesters. Nice to know my tax dollars are being well spent...hmmm

Quite a pretty horse through. Now what is better than chocolate cake? Eating chocolate cake off Justin Beibers face, that's what. A birthday at work prompting a sugar overload.

And while we're on the subject of overloading on food, in honour of some American guests in the office we ordered a vast amount of fish & them a real British welcome. After eating this I was literally stuffed for the day...luckily all I had to eat in the evening was canapes.

Luckily as I've been consuming a ridiculous amount of calories I managed the same number of workouts as last week (all before work of course) - four 3 mile runs, 2x 30 minute swims and 1x 45 minute walk to my hour long personal training session. I also ran for 10 minutes to the supermarket today with an empty backpack and then back with a full one, not the longest in the world but as they would say...every little helps!
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