Friday, 1 February 2013

Restaurant Review: New Byron Burger Cowcross Street

Cowcross street already has some amazing restaurants, from Polpo that opened last year to Hix and across the road on St John Street; Burger and Lobster. We are spoilt for choice.

On Wednesday evening we were trying to make such a choice and walked by the brand new – freshly opened that day; Byron Burger. Earlier on that day it did not look nearly ready to be open for business. What a result.
Byron Cowcross Street
It was already very busy (around 8pm) but we managed to squeeze into a table near the back. It's quite a small restaurant, in a nice intimate 'I'm not really in a chain' kind of way. The decor is also very stylish - lots of exposed brick and industrial influences.

We sat down to order and decided it was a treat day. Bottle of fizz it is. Happy Hump day to us.

Just how we do it on a Wednesday
Then onto the easy part...sides. Macaroni cheese? Check. Fries? Obviously. Onion rings? Ding. The more difficult decision? Byron burger with bacon and cheese or chili burger. For me, I had perused the menu so quickly in my giddy burger excitement I opted for chili thinking it would be topped with beef chili. The waiter said it was for me.
Byron Burger Menu
Considering they had just opened that day the service was really fast and felt polished. The staff are a really friendly bunch who were apologising for absolutely nothing, due to it being some of their first ever shifts waiting tables.

When the food arrived we pretty much inhaled it, in about 5 seconds. The mac and cheese was totally delicious. As good as any you'd have as a main course. Fries? Pretty standard fries, but the addition of the nice cholula sauces on the table kicks them up a bit. The onion rings although looked a tiny bit greasy were delicious. And hey, who is against a bit of grease here? We're not in a salad bar.

The chili burger was stacked pretty tall with fresh green chili (not chili con carne Carrie...) and topped with loads of melted cheese. Yum. The burgers are all cooked to a nice medium, again, a little bit of grease but it feels too god to be bad...
Byron Chili Burger

The desserts looked totally delicious, peanut butter and chocolate brownie together? Hmmm they also have a selection of delicious shakes. We couldn't do it, we were too stuffed. What a let-down!

We finished off the bottle letting out periodic groans. Luckily I was in leggings not night jeans...

Due to it being open day the meal was totally comped. All we paid for was the drink (and very large and well deserved tip!) we will definitely be coming back, lunch -'s breakfast?

Atmosphere: 3/5
Food: 4/5
Drink: 3/5
Overall: 3.5/5

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