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Burger Breakout: Burger Pop-Up Reviewed

Burger Breakout - Hello
When Burger Breakout first started I was pretty excited - but two months in have only just managed to get down to The Old Crown and try it out. First though, we went to the most amazing bar - M had been here the night previously and recommended we should go again. What a good decision. Bold statement, but probably my new favourite bar in London.

Me looking totally normal, I always look like this...
Fun tables at Foundation
Amazing London Cocktail Bar
Foundation in Covent Garden - I know, I'm late to the party, but it is awesome. All drinks are half price until 7pm - including champagne. This makes a bottle of Mo√ęt even more appealing than normal. £26? Cheaper than the supermarket! And you get to sit in the most amazing chairs.

Considering it was so amazing it wasn't too packed for a Thursday night - which was great. As we were leaving however there were some burly bouncers outside and some ropes obviously planned for the queue.

So after Foundation Bar it was time for Burger Breakout. Stretchy pants at the ready. Once we found it (we both suffer from a directional disability) we crowded inside. It was busy. Through the night we would notice the crowd come and go in waves. Our table was along the back wall facing the rest of the room. Marvellous. Time to devour the menu.
Burger Breakout at The Old Crown
Right on New Oxford Street (note the bus)
The Old Crown Bar
A new burger - whose name had been crowd sourced on Twitter (my suggestion was quickly vetoed) was making it's debut - the 'we're gonna need a bigger bap' burger is a fish and chip burger WITH THE CHIPS INSIDE!! amazing. But we were on a meat mission.
'We're going to need a bigger bap' Twitter sourced burger name
Pulled pork is a personal weakness. Clearly the swine burger was a tick. We opted to share two different ones. The other clear winner was The Whiskey Beast. Here is a run down: The Whiskey Beast - aged Orkney beef patty, treacle cured bacon, Strathdon blue cheese and whiskey mustard. The Swine Time: Pork patty, 24 hour cooked pulled pork, a Dairylea slice and jalapeno mayo. Are you drooling yet?
Burger Breakout Menu
Our choices, Whiskey Beast and Swine Time
All burgers are served with a side of horseradish salted fries. We contemplated ordering more sides. We were glad we didn't...

Now let's not beat around the bush here - these burgers are freaking huge. I didn't even know how to get it in my mouth. We sliced them in half and both started with the pork (you honestly have no idea how much I love Pulled Pork, a love that started at Pitt Cue). How did it taste? Delicious. It was messy, all over my face, all over the table, dripping into my hands and I didn't care. There was more food to be eaten. We were like two people possessed 

Good god, look at that cheese
Burger sans flash
A Swine Time 'Cross Section' if you will...
Seriously big pulled pork burger
The horseradish fries? Completely amazing. Some of the best fries I've eaten (Honest Burgers are a comparison to deliciousness). Too bad I couldn't finish them, as there was half a Whiskey Beast waiting for my attention. If 'treacle cured bacon' didn't sound good enough before the taste was completely out of this world. The Best Bacon I've Ever Eaten™.
A Whiskey Beast
The Burger Challenge

The Best Bacon In The World™
Bacon: Good, whiskey mustard? GOOD! It packs a bit of a punch and there are some really strong mouth fulls. It is hot and good and filthy and you will love it. However...we both preferred the pork. Now a regular sized burger and fries meal, I can polish off without any problems. This was a mountain. The fabulous fries - or the totality of the burger could not be surmounted.
We caved - burger defeat
What to do with completely full tummies of burger-y goodness? Order something sweet of course. Hard shakes are pretty awesome. Hard shakes with chocolate buttons in? Forget about it. (Do your best Joey from Friends accent). We went for a 'your snickers are showing'. Did we manage to order this without a snigger? No of course not.
Hard shake menu
Inside said 'your snickers are showing' (snigger) there is white rum, peanut butter, chocolate buttons, Dolche de Lechce, Vanilla ice cream. Both calorific and delicious. It looks quite innocent when it arrives, with two straws (we're very romantic).
Peanut Butter and Chocolate Buttons got married and their baby tastes amazing
Drink Me
Was it good? Yes. Could we have done one each? Probably. Did we feel quite drunk by now? Yes. Great night.

Atmosphere: 3/5 - it was a bit cold!
Food: 4/5
Drink: 4/5 - have a milkshake
Overall: 4/5
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