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Bodo's Schloss Restaurant Review

Bodo's Schloss - pretty hard to pronounce, but well worth getting your tongue around. An Austrian apres ski themed restaurant in Kensington is exactly what London needs to blast away the remains of the January blues.
Welcome to Bodo's Schloss!
Faux view video loop, I wish we were looking at this! 
From the exterior you are welcomed by the Alpine entrance and immediately start to spot the gorgeous staff members dressed in lederhosen and dirndl's dotted around and ready to greet you. We went to the bar initially as we arrived early for our booking. There is 1 table reserved for the bar in the main restaurant- the rest of the area is standing. The cocktail menu is slicker than your average and there is a healthy range of schnapps...when in Austria!
Bodo's Schloss Restaurant

Bodo Schloss Menu

Cocktails - Corbet's Couloir, as easy to pronounce as Schloss
 We both opted for a Corbet’s Couloir (Belvedere Vodka, lemon juice, mango and peach puree & cane syrup, topped with Mo√ęt et Chandon) and took in the surroundings. Red and white gingham table clothes don the wooden tables. Some chairs carved into animals while some are decked out with cow hide. On the wall their are all manor of friends from the forest.

At the allotted time the stunning waitress came to take us to our table. There was also a very large party of around 30 right in the middle of the restaurant, making the atmosphere immediately buzzy.

On perusing the menu we literally wanted everything. Traditional Austrian fare is the order of the day, schnitzel sliders, Schloss Wiener Schnitzel, dumplings, sauerkraut and all other delicious comfort foods.
Sides of everything please - the menu
Main menu, does anyone else pronounce it Bodo Schloss?
Basically we did what any normal person would do and ordered everything. There wasn't exactly oodles of room on the table for it!

Where to begin...from the Schloss Wiener Schnitzel's we opted for chicken. The size of the thing when it arrived? Absolutely enormous! It came with a side of potato and cucumber salad. This was cold and in a vinegary dressing.
Schloss Chicken Schnitzel - amazing
Potato and cucumber salad
The spinach and alpine cheese dumplings were also enormous and as delicious as they were huge.
Spinach dumplings - bigger and slicker than your average

Now, when you think of a slider, you think a bite size burger, a couple of bites at most. So we ordered one each - on top of the masses of other food. Sliders in Austria? You guessed it - massive! They were really just the size of a regular burger. Inside is a schnitzel. I opted for pork which to be honest tasted just like the chicken! Delicious.
I use the term 'sliders' lightly...these schnitzel burgers pack a punch
The sides we ordered - sauerkraut, spaetzle(which is a traditional German pasta) and those very Austrian staples...french fries! The spaetzle was by far the best of the sides. It was heaven. Almost the consistency of gnocchi but really light and incredibly flavoursome.
Spaetzle - such amazing pasta. Could eat more than one of these alone

Sauerkraut - standard!
The favourite dishes by far were the dumplings, sliders, schnitzel and spaetzle - so pretty much everything. To accompany the rest of the food we had more cocktails. The party atmosphere was growing and the place was packed.
Pretty much a selection of the whole Bodo's Schloss Menu
...filling the whole table and then some
Does this give a scale of the size of things?
As if we hadn't ordered enough food we just couldn't resist the three peaks of vanilla souffle. For some reason I thought it was going to be quite small. Why, I have no idea since everything else has been fun size. It takes 20 minutes to prepare but the delivery alone is pretty worth it. In a huge dish it could have easily served 8 people...who hadn't eaten a massive meal beforehand. These Austrians really do like to eat.

For a bit of context the spoon on the right is a normal size table spoon. The left is a jumbo comedy serving spoon.
'Serves up to 4' Vanilla Souffle
With a 'side of coulis' / whole jug
Such a satisfying texture
Past the main restaurant is the bar / dancefloor. The DJ booth in here is a ski lift and the tunes? An amazing mix of of old school cheese and current pop hits. Right up my street! The crowd is also a very nice mix of hotties, socialites and general fun lovers after work - and those who don't work.
A.C.T the fool and Snow Angel Cocktails
Our lovely waiter
It all got a bit fuzzy later...

Very fuzzy...
A schnapps shot ski - what else!
This is my new favourite hang out, can't recommend it enough. I intend to be back frequently and often!

Atmosphere: 4/5
Food: 5/5
Drink: 4/5
Overall: 4.5/5 - no where is perfect, but this comes pretty darn close!
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