Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Café des 2 Moulins

Have you seen the movie Amélie? I haven't, but perhaps I should now since having a great time at the Café des 2 Moulins. The very French Bistro is apparently a key part of the film as Amélie's place of work.

The intention was to walk to La Basilique du Sacré Coeur, which has great views over Paris. Unfortunately due to the snow that had turned to ice there was a chance of getting up, but not so much getting down without sliding on ones arse. Fortunately near the bottom of the hill is the Café des 2 Moulins.

Many of the bistro's bars  and restaurants in the area are named relating to 'Moulins' or 'Windmills'. One very famous one sits right at the bottom...
The Moulin Rouge

Snow is falling
Inside it is everything you could ever want from your typical French Bistro. A great wine selection, people huddled around small tables meeting for an after work drink, questionable service and good food. There is also a bit of a shrine to the movie.
The gnome has significance... apparently 

Shrine to Amelie
Of course first things first, a glass of red. As a rule of thumb I generally don't drink red wine out of the house (unless of course it's necessary) as I suffer from red wine lips - not an attractive look. Purple belongs on clothing, accessories and flowers - not your face. However, when in Rome...

Savouring the atmosphere and wine attention moved to the food and drink menus. It seems to be permanently happy hour everywhere in Paris. The cocktail list here was vast and very exciting, as was practising my French (the waiter didn't speak English - I quite like this fact).

The food menu was also a really good mix of traditional French Cuisine and more mainstream dishes. Personally I can't pass up a burger, still being on the hunt for the best one - more here). 
Café des 2 Moulins Menu
Cafe des 2 Moulins Burger
Bacon Cheese Burger
Also on the menu? Crème brûlée. Something else it would be sacrilege to turn down in Paris. The burger was good. It wouldn't make it into the top 5 burgers ever, but it was pretty damn good, if a bit greasy. The fries? McDonald's would call them French, so who am I to argue?

Overall this was a fantastic place to visit - even if you haven't seen the film. Aside from the shrine, the place doesn't seem to have been spoilt at all from it's popularity derived from the 2001 film, perhaps because it has been so long. It felt local rather than touristy and is great value for money. A definite visit if you find yourself in the area. And good luck getting up to the Sacré Coeur.

Apologies for the poor quality photos - good camera was at the hotel
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