Tuesday, 8 January 2013

You're mugging me right off...

Dear EE, May I suggest some SERIOUS training with your staff? Having had my phone stolen on Saturday let me fill you in on what I have had to endure since then.

First off I was a previous Orange customer before the merge. Therefore after my phone was stolen I went on the website to find how to cancel it. Unfortunately the only way to cancel your phone is to phone up. Can you see where this can cause problems? May I suggest a live chat option on the site for those who do not have access to a replacement phone or friend to call you.

Luckily I was able to call Customer Services (CS) and have them cancel my phone. I was informed I could go into an EE store to collect a replacement SIM free of charge. So this is what I did on Monday during my lunch break.

First off I went to Holborn and was told in here they can’t do it but I could go to the Fleet Street branch where they could help me. So I did (we’re nearly an hour into the lunch break now due to all the walking). Here I was told sure I can have a replacement SIM – but it costs £10. Not free like CS told me on the phone. Your man in the shop also – serious attitude problem. He basically said to me ’it’s not my problem what CS have told you it’s a tenner – deal with it’.

I called CS (again) who apologised and said pay the £10 and they will credit this on my next bill. So I agreed. I went about purchasing my ‘free’ replacement SIM. The guy got it from the back and started explaining what to do with it. Luckily I asked if it mattered that it was a T-Mobile SIM and I was a previous Orange customer. He said yes of course it matters this T-Mobile replacement SIM would not work. So I asked for an Orange SIM. They don’t do Orange replacement SIM’s in store – only over the phone.

I called CS (again) after explaining my predicament CS told me ‘of course you can get one in store’; so I put her on the phone to the rep in the EE store where they proceeded to have an argument about who was right. The man in your store won and I was told to phone up for my replacement SIM. By this time I had almost been two hours so I had to back to the office; where....

I called CS (are you getting the picture here?) Your man this time said he was terribly sorry and would be able to get me a SIM out between 0830 and 1230 THE VERY NEXT DAY! Marvellous I said. I confirmed all my address details with him. The next day I arrive home after 6; no SIM.

I called CS. Here’s what happened next:
ME: Hi, where’s my SIM please?
CS: It was successfully delivered at 4pm.
ME: There is nothing in my post box from you – or a failed delivery slip.
CS: It was definitely delivered to (Street Name) by UK Mail at 4pm
ME: What number?
CS: There is no number
ME: Well how can they deliver if there is no number? I confirmed a number with your man yesterday.

CS: Oh yes there is a number on here but not in the delivery notes. I don’t know where it’s been delivered – but do you know you can get one in store?!

CS: OK I will post you a new one. But if you’re not in there’s a charge and you have to give back your old SIM. It’s the rules

ME: How can I hand back my old SIM, It’s been stolen – that’s why we’re having this conversation. I clicked through all those LOST/STOLEN options on the menu and you asked me at the beginning of the call what has happened to my current SIM, where I told you my phone was stolen.

CS: OK well you have to pay a charge if you’re not in
ME: How can I not be in my POST BOX? You said they are posting it in the POST BOX you said that’s what HAPPENED TODAY!!! While we’re on that, even if I had a SIM am I expected to stand by the post box waiting for your delivery man? Or will you have him call me to say he is standing waiting for receipt of my stolen SIM...Oh wait he can’t I HAVE NO PHONE!!!

It makes one wonder what has happened to Orange and T-Mobile since merging. Perhaps you have spent all your money on Kevin Bacon and thus cannot afford to hire anyone with any competence – or have any protocols in place to deal with those pesky things some businesses like to call ‘customers’. I have now resorted at scoffing to myself every time I call your line and hear you are ‘dedicated to excellent customer service’. Your staff members in store told me there is no communication between your call centre and stores nor any consideration of Orange vs T-Mobile protocols.

You have given me about the same level of stress than the actual mugging that left me in this position.

I DREAD to think what may happen tomorrow if this magical SIM is going to arrive or if a burly delivery man is going to refuse to give it to me until I pay him / give him my stolen SIM.

Congratulations EE – for possibly the worst customer service I have ever experienced.

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