Sunday, 13 November 2011

Vajazzle, Vajazzle, Vajazzle

On Wednesday evening (yes I am incredibly slack at getting this post up) I attended an evening of discussion on the TV genre du jour...structured reality. That's fake reality TV to the common observer. Spencer from Made in Chelsea (MIC) was supposed to be on the panel - the main reason for my excitement at attendance. Once we were safely seated however it was announced he would not be attending. Hmmm, too late to back out. His replacement (available at short notice therefore much less interesting...) Ollie from MIC. He was sitting alongside Amy from seasons 1 and 2 of The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE).

Now I was a huge fan of TOWIE in the first season, it didn't feel forced and the people were pretty endearing. As it went on it became really panto and so unbelievable it was annoying - however for some reason unbeknown to me I can't stop watching it. I did however love TOWIE so much that initially I refused to watch MIC...It was a rip off, it was never going to be any good, the people looked annoying etc etc. Oh how that changed.

I love Chelsea season 1 miles more than the newer TOWIE episodes, however even that has become panto as it has gone on. What annoys me about these programmes now is how the characters are just using it as a springboard to make more money. Anyone watching TOWIE must think it's incredibly easy to open a shop, they're all at it. In MIC they're much more interested in profiteering from themselves whether it be a clothing line, book deal or recording contract. It's so unrealistic the breaks these people get and must be terribly frustrating for those watching putting in the years of hard graft to get where these people get effortlessly.

This brings me on to the main area of discussion for one person on the panel - pretty much the only area of discussion for that person. Amy is clearly getting paid to pedal Vajazzles. It was literally every second word she said even when there was no clear context. At one stage someone was talking about retaking a driving test and her input into the conversation? I'd vajazzle the car. It was honestly painful to hear.

Still, we watch and we talk so what more to TV producers want? I will knock it but I'll also continue to watch. Car crash TV or not it sure is compelling viewing.

What all the fuss is very own vajazzle kit to take home
Star of MIC, author and soon to be (I'm sure) Vidal Sassoon/L'Oreal model)
Ollie and Vajazzler extraordinaire Amy (vajazzle)
If you can't beat them...
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