Sunday, 13 November 2011

Shortly Fabulous

Another day, another work function. This time I was not only excited, but my expectations were surpassed. Not something that happens often. Myself and two colleagues were attending the Virgin Media Shorts Awards, something I didn't realise until the next day were a very big thing.

We were welcomed on the evening with champagne - the only way an evening should start really. It was also exceptionally busy even though in effect it had only just started. Usually with work functions you can arrive a good 30 minutes to an hour after the allotted start time and still be there in plenty of time (such was the case with the structured vajazzle night...vajazzle).

It wasn't long before we were being lead towards the theatre for the ceremony. Here we were asked to leave our glasses (cue...downing champagne), but not to be a bad thing these were being replaced with wonderful little bottles of Lanson with straws, how very model-esque.

It only got better when we got inside, on the seats were bottles of water (largely left untouched) and boxes of popcorn (largely wolfed down before the awards started...standard). Attached to the popcorn was a small envelope with two cinema tickets inside to see a film of your choice at a PictureHouse cinema, it was a really nice touch.

Danny Wallace was hosting the evening and he was largely very funny. The 12 short movies were shown in batches of three with all of the finalists receiving their movie on 3mm film (I think this is right, correct me if I'm wrong).

John Hurt took to the stage to present the biggest award of the evening. I didn't know the name but I'm told he is a very famous actor from Elephant Man fame. I was more interested to hear he was in Harry Potter, however when he took to the stage he spent his time to build up the presentation of the award snidely slating the Harry Potter franchise. It was really obvious and really odd. i still don't know why.

After the ceremony it was back to the party for a selection of free cocktails and canapes - Paloma Faith was DJ'ing and we also did some celebrity spotting (albeit not a-list). I had the chance to meet Danny Wallace and also the very handsome Rick Edwards of T4 fame.
Edible flower in the punch

Paloma Faith DJ'ing with a shoe
It was a fantastic evening and had I not had work the next day one that had the potential to get a little messy. As it was I was very sensible and left shortly after midnight to get home. Well done me.
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