Sunday, 6 November 2011

There is no before...

Due to my sleeping in to an unbelievable time of 12.37 in the afternoon (!) I had no time to do the things in the morning I wanted to do before getting my hair cut - including taking a before picture. I did however make it to Soho in time for my appointment.

I like to look at the hairdressers hair in a salon to get an idea of which one I think I want to do mine. Turns out the lady who was lucky enough to be assigned with my tresses had very short hair, almost shaven to her head. Not a look I would be emulating. When consulted on colour I was armed with a picture but then told it was hard to work out from a picture and I'd have to work from the tiny strands of hair they have in the book. I really wanted to be told this is what you need this will look good, but alas I chose my base colour (no6 light brown) and my gloss (honey chestnut).

The cut I was equally as vague as the colour, again wanting to be told what would look good. My hair has been the same forever. I need to keep my fringe and I don't want to lose the length - so not much can be done. She did however go a bit snip happy on my fringe when it was wet so predictably it is too short and a bit concave. It does grow quickly though so hopefully will be OK.

I now have lots more hair in the fringe so it's much thinker which I quite like. The colour I also is the evidence. I have just chosen a picture from the recent archive to act as the before.

Overall I'm fairly happy with it; although I'll be happier in a week or so when my fringe grows down a bit...
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