Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Links of London Friendship Bracelet

A little while ago I won a Twitter content - so long ago in fact I can barely remember what I did! Today my prize finally arrived (after a lot of coaxing!) It was a collaboration between Westfield and Links of London. I knew it was a bracelet but it wasn't until today I knew which one it would be.
Links of London packaging - so cute
I took a sneak peak in the shop and had my eye on a few...but it was nice to get a (long awaited) surprise

It is a special edition 2012 London Olympics Friendship Bracelet. It's no secret I wasn't all that thrilled about the Olympics but it's a pretty nice bracelet. It has '2012' on the clasp but hey ho, you can't really see it...
Friendship Bracelet, 2012 Limited Edition

Nice surprise eh? This is one of the many reasons I love Twitter so!

What do you think? I'm generally more of a Tiffany girl, but for casual think I'll be wearing it for time to time. PS; THIS arrived last week. The Links packaging was gorgeous but there is no substitute for the blue box and a white ribbon!
Tiffany and Co still owns my heart

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