Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The calm before the Cannes

This week I have mainly been staving off illness. *I will not get sick* *I will not get sick*. There has been something going around the office, a nasty cold/flu/cough that refuses to go away for weeks on end. I will not catch it.

This weekend I am going to Cannes, and I need to be on my game. Thus far good old fashioned remedies of early nights and lots of water has been working. It also means I haven't been up to anything noteworthy. Being in bed by nine every night does have it's merits, not being knackered all day. It does however get harder to get to sleep at 9 due to not being knackered! I'm also managing to save the money...good timing post Vegas!

Following Cannes I am off for a long weekend in Luxembourg, a holiday that I won - so lots of exciting weekends coming up. *I will not get sick!*

In other news, after purchasing an emergency pair of Reebok Reetones in Vegas I have started walking home from work - a 42 minute route. Do I notice my bum getting perkier and my thighs getting thinner? No. I would however recommend them, they are very comfortable and the mental benefits have me practically running a marathon and earning some chocolate of an eve.

Speaking of running, I really must get back into it - and Zumba. Exercise has been on the back burner and my BMI is feeling it. It's amazing how just a couple of miles a day can allow you to eat and drink all the things you like guilt just has to be after Cannes now!
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