Monday, 12 September 2011

Days 5, 6 and errr...whoops

OK so I never finished posting about the sacred heart diet (I disappeared off the radar to Vegas, I need to post about that still, I'm still trying to work out how to break it down into manageable pieces!)

So I was full on sick of the soup however I tried carrying it on. Realistically I ended up throwing a fair bit out. I don't think it was the taste exactly, it's just how monotonous it is to eat the same thing day after day (unless it's chocolate).

I was looking forward to the three steaks day, and I did them in fairly quick succession at lunch time. To be honest they were really small. This was day 6 - Saturday. And this is where the story ends!! I never managed to carry it on to day 7. Too much was going on, days out with friends were beckoning and I just said...I look fine lets start the holiday early!

I've pretty much taken a picture of everything I ate in Vegas, and I ate A-LOT! I have continued doing so since I've been back.

Just to finish this note on a high here are the blogs I still need to post:

1) I bought the lusted after Estee Lauder Pore Minimiser! The dream one!!! Needs to be reviewed
2) The pedicure from hell and the reason I'm never going back to my trusted manicurist ever again
3) Vegas - TBC on the breakdown

Until the next time (and I'm sorry I couldn't finish the diet...I just love food!!)
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