Saturday, 17 September 2011

The Pedi from hell...not for the feint hearted

So, I've been going to the same nail salon for about a year and a half (quite long for me since I've moved a lot over the last few years) they are really reasonably priced and do a good job, plus they serve amazing green tea. I always get the same thing done too and had never had a pedicure before in my life. I see people getting them done on a Saturday afternoon in the massage chair and it looks really nice, so before I went to Vegas I decided to go for it. They also do a great deluxe mani pedi deal, so me and my housemate booked in to have it done together.

I felt all very relaxed and was looking forward to being pampered for a couple of hours. I sat in the chair and set the massage to roll.

The girl who was assigned to do it I've never seen in the shop before. The man (who is the best at manicures) was assigned to my friend, the owner was not in yet. As she started there was a lot going foot was in the spa getting bubbled away, my back was being electronically massaged and she was working the bottom of my foot. It was quite painful in parts, but I've come to expect this from a decent is pain as they say!

She spent ages on my first foot which was nice, I KNEW they needed a lot of work! She then asked me if I no, but I run, I responded. Her answer to this, barefoot?! Ok so my feet are bad but it's walking in London, there is a lot of walking involved!

She started on my second foot and it was still uncomfortable in parts, then I had a really sharp pain and jumped. I was ok she assured and carried on, albeit a bit more carefully. She then seemed to finish that foot remarkably quicker than the last.

Once she put some cream on my feet is when I noticed her (gloved) hands had blood dripping from them..."er excuse me am I bleeding?!" a phrase that caused the manager to come over. Once she summoned the girl to get the first aid kit I was told it was fine. When I asked if the cut was big the trainee said yes and looked worried as the manager said no!

The trainee was clearly very flustered, I felt a bit sorry for her until I realised she had obviously known she'd hurt me when I jumped but she chose to ignore it, that's why the right foot had so little attention compared to the left, she was trying to breeze over the fact she had taken a chunk out of my foot!

I was then told by the manager (who I really like) it happens! I was expecting a bit more care than the worry that everything I had touched had to be disinfected immediately. As I still had a manicure to go I was in there for a while after, long enough for me to bleed onto my shoes! What makes it worse? I didn't get it free, I didn't even get a discount!

Now if this was the end of the story I'd probably let it go, I like the woman she always does a good job of my hands, however as you well know I was off to Vegas. Now when I say I was in pain, I was in PAIN! I couldn't even walk properly. They don't open on Sunday's otherwise I would have called them and told them how sore it was, literally I couldn't even sleep because the covers were irritating it.

When we got on holiday the only shoes I took were sandals. There were two particular areas of excruciating pain, the heel where she had wounded me and also the ball of my foot which had somehow cracked all the way around, it was disgusting. Because of this I had to wear plasters on these ares, you can imagine how attractive that was in my sandals and around the pool...hmmm

(This is where I would normally post a photo, I have left these to the bottom so you can stop before you have to see them, if you so wish)

This went on for days, I had a limp it wasn't fun. In the night I had resorted to fashioning sort of makeshift bandages out of wet flannels and strapping them on with hair ties and a bikini strap. (I imagine this is the suburban equivalent of survival in the wild, very Bear Grills of me)

So this went on for the whole holiday. One day while we were shopping I resorted to the purchase of a pair of trainers (reebok ree-tones, I had fancied a pair to see if they were going to make me skinny) and socks, and immediately putting them on in the shop. It was so nice to even have socks on!

The only problem being I had packed a very smart outfit collection for day, trainers were just not going to set it off! Luckily on the day of purchase I was in jean shorts, however all I had for the rest of the time were dresses...the next day in the Bellagio brunch with no chance I was going to bear the agony of sandals I put on my tea style dress and the reetones!

Suffice to say I'm never going back there! (the nail salon, I'd quite like to go back to the Bellagio) I had considered going back and telling them exactly how much pain I'd been in, but not sure what I want out of it, a free manicure? Nah. So I actually went to a new nail bar when I got back. Honestly it was not good. They did a fine job, but just 'fine'. I didn't get any conversation or a green tea, and it was more expensive.

What to do now? Go back to the butchers or try and find another one!!

There are the photos of my heels soon after the attack. I haven't taken any of what they look like now as honestly I'm embarrassed!

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