Friday, 27 January 2012

Oxo Bar and Brasserie

Although being in London for many years now there are a number of landmarks I have yet to get round to visiting. One of these was rectified yesterday when I went to the Oxo Tower for lunch. The bar and brasserie appears to be a part of Harvey Nichols, the champagne on arrival certainly didn't disappoint.

We were led through to the Brasserie, by some amazing force of nature the sun was gazing down through the floor to ceiling glass - end of January in London, amazing. Having a hankering for a good burger for days I was extremely happy to see a bacon, cheese, onion - all the lashings burger on the menu with triple cooked chips, you absolutely can't go wrong. What threw me however was the site of fish and chips with wasabi mayonnaise. It was the wasabi that made it so appealing.

The pull of the burger was all too much, luckily a dining companion opted for the fish and chips so I was able to lather my chips in the wasabi mayonnaise, which was likely the only disappointment - by far not enough heat for me. It really was a great way to spend a Thursday afternoon, with all the sun and enjoying the wine I couldn't resist a chocolate tart with nougatine ice cream and candied pears. The nougatine ice cream was better than the tart. I left in a very, very stuffed way.

Highly recommended for a late lunch when they have just gone past the rush, before the early evening drinkers arrive.
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