Sunday, 22 January 2012

Not very Common

On Friday I was lucky enough to be invited to the House of Commons - I have never been inside any of Parliament before (I certainly haven't been invited to Lords...) and in all honesty I've only ever appreciated the building from a far - well maybe as close as Big Ben.

On walking in, the building is extremely cavernous. Almost a bit more how I would expect to see the Abbey, but not decked out. There is also an intricate stained glass window on the far wall. Unfortunately I am still getting to grips with my new camera...stain glass is not easy to shoot.

We were there for the passing of the Live Music Bill (making it easier for smaller more intimate venues to host live music without a lot of red tape - better for the fans, better for local business and better for nurturing up and coming British talent). We were treated to some live music by Daytona Lights and also a great spread of sandwiches and wine...House of Commons wine no less.

There was some serious wallpaper in the room, as well as a picture showing the room when in full swing.

After Commons we popped into the Red Lion, a gorgeous proper English pub with a very random crowd of after work drinkers, tourists and complete randoms. I even managed to acquire a bottle of Commons Sauvignon Blanc to take home...
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