Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Tips for Using ImPress Nails

After using ImPress nails for a few weeks now I have learnt a few tricks that I think will be worthwhile passing on, especially as I'm seeing a lot of queries coming in from Googling various bits and niggles. I have found by using these nifty little cheats they do actually last the week, with maybe one patch up job in between.
1) The prep pad is essential. Without this the adhesive / sticky bit is not properly activated. When I started off I was using it over all of my fingers equally then putting it to one side, this is not the best thing to do. Because you apply the fore finger and thumb last, by the time you get there with your nail the prep has dried and doesn't activate the adhesive as strongly as your other fingers, hence why the fore finger and thumb are more likely to come off. Wipe the prep pad over all fingers then give them a good going over individually with it when you are about to apply the nail.

2) Your prep pad dries out almost instantly, but keep your packet (opening carefully helps) and store in here and keep with your spare nails. If you lose a nail and are replacing with another, get out your prep pad and give it a little spritz. I used Mac Face Re-freshener to dampen mine, but I imagine water will have the same effect. Just don't use too much, you only want to dampen to activate the ingredient again. Rub it over your nail and apply as normal.

3) If you have lost your prep pad, the active ingredient in here is rubbing alcohol. If you don't have any rubbing alcohol around use a bit of G&T! Yes I have done this, emergency nail replacement, a little gin on the finger air dry...apply, done. This will honestly make all the difference. Technically I guess it takes off the grease and naughty bits from the nail so the adhesive sticks effectively.

4) Deciding what size to use? Always lean on the smaller side if in doubt. Too big it will come off as will be grabbing to your skin. Too small will look more natural and you can flatten it out.

5) Take the backing off carefully. If you are too rough when taking the backing off you will bend the nail and not all of the surface will be flush against your nail.

Be careful...they are not as secure as gel or acrylic nails. This means...no washing up :)
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  1. Mine last more than two weeks. Make sure to press the nail for a few seconds when you apply each one. That's the ticket. Also be prepared that it feels like your finger nails are being torn off when you go to remove them. That won't happen - your nails will not be damaged but the first time is scary!

    1. How do you shower then...

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  2. I have been using impress nails about 4 years now love them and as i'm a nurse they are great because I can remove easily before work, I find alcohol wipes that are always in my uniform pocket ( only ever find when I get home) brilliant for keeping them on