Friday, 13 July 2012

Open Letter to Facebook Users

I've been thinking about Facebook this is my 30 second rant.

Facebook is not social therapy. Please do not air your problems that should be moaned about through the proper means, such as your friends over a glass of wine. The whole world doesn't need to know. Another bug bear? People sharing bad news and others 'liking' it, oh your cat died? Big thumbs up from me!

Next thing...sharing other people's news. No, no, no. If XX gets engaged or alike, that is for them to share. Not you. Just wait. Or even better? You want to congratulate your friends? Text or phone them, heck go and see them!

Pouting pictures of yourself? Just don't take them, period. Mirror shots and / or the ever tricky doing it in the mirror backwards while pulling your sexy face? Just stop. to be fair Instagram is worse for this, endless streams of people who clearly love themselves yet comment 'so rough today'.

Tagging...I'm having so much fun with my honey at XX restaurant? Oh are you? I think you're on Facebook projecting fun but clearly not having it, otherwise why is your phone out? And does anyone else actually need to know where you are having dinner/drinks/at your flat unless you're inviting them? Didn't think so.

This leads me neatly onto writing 'I love my baby so much (tags name) or ever better...writing on THEIR wall 'Love you so much', that is absolutely the appropriate way to show emotion, publicly. Not over text or in person, that way no one else will know how corny you are!

I categorise Facebook in two ways, 'competitive diary syndrome', those taggers and on site photo posters who want you to know exactly how fantastic their life is (the 'look how much fun I'm having's) or the 'Look how much fun I've had's), those who post endless photo albums of the same photo in a slightly different setting. The worlds worst Facebook album name? Honeymoon Cont...
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  1. isn't blogging just an extended version of 'competitive diary syndrome'??

    1. It's more the case of instant 'this is what I'm doing' than retrospectively ...but sure why not :)

  2. totally agree! like when your friend has a baby and their friend puts it all over facebook before the parents have even had a chance to tell everyone they want to know!?