Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Black Cuttlefish Spaghetti

After making this amazing 'Penne alla Sorrentina' I had gotten a taste for the recipe, so simple yet so effective. One of the other things I purchased from Italy was the black cuttlefish spaghetti. I hadn't been brave enough to do anything with it for now but as I was heading to the countryside for the day and didn't want to be torn away from the sunshine, so I made a packed lunch...a delicious one.

The recipe was pretty much as same as here, but with slight subtle lime, seafood mix instead of king prawns, garlic and herb Philadelphia instead of regular and of course the pasta.

Looks good huh? It was good. I steamed some tender-stem broccoli, sugar snap peas and green beans. Lunch should always be this good, especially when it's not being prepped by a restaurant.
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