Monday, 2 July 2012

10 Things I Love About Gossip Girl

I borrowed Season 1 and 2 of Gossip Girl from a (straight) male colleague. Living legend in my book. It's my new obsession. Here are 10 things that have factored into my obsession
That's Nate Dog to me...

  1. Nate Archibald (Above) - I was a Dan Humphrey fan in the beginning, the best of Nate came out in the 'post Blair' times. Yes I have had a dream about him, yes it was delicious
  2. How young Jenny Humphrey was in the pilot compared to season 2, who knew this young innocent beaut would turn out to be a grunge chic. I preferred early Jenny
  3. Serena's wardrobe. Effortless chic, the gorgeous body cons and muted tones. Yes she has the body to match, but I can dream if I had those clothes I'd look like her. Fact.
  4. Blair's hair. What I would call thoroughbred hair. Sleek, long, smooth, not a split end in sight. Move over Cheryl Cole you are not worth it. You are in fact weak, limp and lifeless...
  5. New York. I will be moving to the Upper East Side the first chance I get thank you very much
  6. That they are always in bars sipping cocktails or champagne. Yet they're supposedly 17
  7. Rufus and Lilly; will they won't they...just do it already you guys are made for each other
  8. How Chuck bass talks in these ridiculous muted tones like everything he says is super significant...and how terrible he looked in early season 1, what was with those side burns?!
  9. Picking out all the continuity errors. It's a gift...and a curse
  10. That people are surprised when they end up on Gossip Girl after kissing their ex / best friends ex / sisters boyfriend in the street. Duh

You know you love me... XOXO

I Love New York - I Love Gossip Girl!
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