Sunday, 29 July 2012

Best Burger: Lucky Chip at The Sebright Arms

The quest for London's best burger continues with the much talked about Lucky Chip. Along with Meat Liquor a conversation around this topic does not go on for long before someone brings up the no frills flavoursome delights this burger van come partial resident of this East London boozer - Lucky Chip of Sebright Arms.

On Saturday's people come from far and wide to Netil Market for the burger van experience. Now anyone can have it with the added extras of a seat, a roof and a traffic light to tell you if you are in for a hefty weight or not. This is a proper boozer in East London, not a gastropub but it has a homely feel. Very Sunday afternoon and would be perfect hangover fodder (should you have one, I don't if you don't mind...)
The unassuming Sebright Arms housing these bad boy burgers
The interior
The Lucky Chip Menu
Extensive beer menu
Something for the ladies and One Tree Hill fans everywhere
Hackney Hopster, I love a play on words
Luckily on this Sunday afternoon we were not in for a long wait. It was a really hard decision Burger wise, I wanted to go for the el chappo as I'm a sucker for spicy, but I went down that road in Meat Liquor. This time I was going classic, Kevin Bacon - straight up. The other burger you see is the Royale Wit Cheese, no we are not in France and we are not in McDonalds, or a Pulp Fiction movie. I really like it when the names of menu items give you a good laugh. Tempted to go for a nate dog just for the chuckles.
Meet Kevin Bacon. He is delicious
Royale Wit Cheese
Lucky Dog
Table of pure filth
Cheeky little dog poking through the middle
If there are any vegetarians still reading, I salute you
The sides were very appetising, wasabi mayo chips of course, so I'd forgone the spiciness on the burger I wasn't letting it go completely. What else on the side? How about a hot dawg! (Yep I'm cool). Everything tasted delicious the first bite of the burger is messy, drippy and you literally can't get a big enough bite in your mouth (attractive). The plates of destruction at the end tell the story better than anything I can say.
Chowing down
Perfectly pink
Done, thank you very much
Now I'm not sure which page of the Rosemary Connolly diet Kevin Bacon appears on, but for a treat once in a while I'm saying let's go. Plus, that was hours ago and I am really not hungry at all. I'd like to try it for real on the van one sunny Saturday if we get any more of those this year...

Atmosphere: 3/5 good music and a friendly local feel with lovely staff
Food: 4/5 a ruddy good burger I say. Very different to Meat Liquor, much more acceptable portion wise for lunch time
Drink: 3/5 vast selection of beer and wine for a local pub
Overall: 3.5/5 rounded up, as thoroughly enjoyed. No frills and good food

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