Friday, 6 July 2012

Oysters and Expectations

Summer parties, the bill gives the impression of sunshine, champagne, long dresses and BBQ's. This isn't what happens in London in July. My second summer party in as many days was lit to 'dim' from the off at 6pm. Outside the sun had made an appearance. Inside we were whisked away to 20 (ish) destinations in 'mood lighting'.
After last year expectations were sky high, so it's no wonder they didn't live up to, I would say impossible standards,..but they set them that way. The venue for this year was One Marylebone. I've not been to the venue before but I liked it.

They still know how to throw one hell of a party. It was my fourth year and the standard has been amazing. Here's hoping they pull out some more stops when they turn 5. I couldn't help be a little disappointed though. Of course...the most was made. Fun times were had and here is the SFW evidence!

Sushi making is still a hit, spicy tuna hand rolls from my fair hands.
All set up, with some professional tasters
Nice and ricey
Chives for the outer of the rolls
Flip and add Fresh tuna
Pretty impressed with my rolling skills
Kannoli making in Malta. This was good fun I enjoyed feeling a bit like I was baking although really I was just stirring!
Cherry beer, and gloves for this cake prep
A whole box of traditional Maltese Kannoli just for me
The filling, and a pink spatula...obvs
Plenty of chocolate
And then I piped. Yes by hand
Aren't they pretty?
The Swedish Ice Bar was my favourite new installation, the gentlemen from the Ice Bar in London had endless patience with everyone. They did the venue proud. If you haven't been to the ice bar I recommend you go. We were given a glove (singular) to hold onto the ice glasses that are shipped in from the purest water in Sweden. They are shipped in already in shape. Interesting this is their highest cost, the 'glass' that melts by the time you finish your drink., I wonder how many other bars would cope throwing out glassware after every serving.
After the cocktail has gone, the remains of the 'glass'
S chilling out, geddit?
Prepare for lift off
Lovely boys from the Ice Bar London
Front, after a few minutes. Back...fresh from the freezer
Sweden had another little treat for us...'Sven' actually a very charming Liverpudlian! He played good sport while we posed and dragged him into the photobooth.
Oof, good arms

I also had my hand painted I believe in Dubai. Henna seemed like such a good idea at the time. In fairness it does look nice today. I will just be exfoliating extra hard for the next week or so.

The goodie bag was a disappointment. As was Santa (yep he was July). Last year he gave out bottles of vodka. This year? A reindeer hoof key-ring. Original at least. Maybe I haven't been as good this year, but I really doubt that.

This doesn't look dodgy at all, Santa in the booth
The party is hosted as a showcase of the various countries and their event hosting USP's. To find out more visit The Oysters website.
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