Friday, 27 July 2012

Eyeful Tower

The London Olympics are a topic that make me shudder with despair right now. It may be the opening ceremony tonight and some people may be generally excited. However I venture a guess I'm not alone. Ask those living and working in London you will find we are peeved. The signs all over the place warning us to be careful, take other routes and generally uproot our lives while not getting any tickets despite living on the doorstep generally grates me.
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One of the things that makes me most sick? The Eyeful Tower. No, competitive helter - skelter did not become an Olympic sport, the huge monstrosity of red metal that cost a whopping 22.7 million and is twice the height of nelsons column and a whopping 72 feet higher than the Statue of Liberty is 'The Orbit Tower'...but what is it's purpose? Oh that's right absolutely nothing!

What a ridiculous waste of money. OK so they have managed to make the 'Millennium Dome' a success now (thank you O2) what what are we going to do with this in a few weeks time when the throngs of tourists have gone? Stick a restaurant on top? I have no idea if there's room but if they were going to do that why not do it now when you have the footfall??

Five other things that frustrate me greatly about the Olympics:

1) Not getting any tickets in the ballot but tickets still being available with days to go
2) The patronising posters on the tube shifting blame to commuters and telling me to change my route
3) The signs on the road telling me to avoid central London (I work there you divs)
4) Feeling like a criminal for writing the words Olympics, London 2012, Games and combinations there of
5) Tourists
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