Friday, 3 February 2012

Oh So Glamorous

It's winter, in case you hadn't noticed, and it's freezing. I love to be under a blanket/duvet/faux fur throw on the sofa/bed/when walking room to room...delete as appropriate. Another great solution to this problem? The oh so glamorous OnePiece. A few high street retailers have started putting these out and they are not nice. Really cheap nasty fabrics and patterns. From this website however they are deliciously soft, cozy and warm - and about as stylish as you are going to get rocking this look.

I opted for a traditional Norwegian pattern in a dark blue. One thing however I wasn't banking on is the sizing, when this arrived it is enormous. Easily 7ft tall. They are very slouchy fit, but I'm 5'6 - 5'7 and a small would have been easily big enough.

They do lots of lovely patterns - but this one is clearly very popular, a day after carrying out this little photo shoot, this Gary Barlow look-a-like was on This Morning (daytime chat show popular in the UK for those of you in the US) modelling the very one.
If you would like to rock your own OnePiece you can buy them from the website as well as some bigger Snow + Rock stores. 

I now need to resist temptation to wear this to the airport at 5am in the morning *indoor use only*.
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