Monday, 27 February 2012

Pinchito Tapas

Birthday eve. I was intending to be home early to do some housework for the weekend and have an early night, being fresh and ready for the birthday festivities. That was the plan, sometimes...plans do not work out how you imagined. Some of those times you have a fabulous night out.

What was good about this restaurant was it had all the charm of a pop up with the feel of 'here to stay'. As there was a large group of us we had the whole bar area. This actually worked out perfectly, no one had to commit to a seat and it was all about mingling and enjoyment. Apparently this area holds 25, we were 14 and this was a perfect size. Anymore than 20 you'd be night clubbing it - squashed together and not enjoying the perks we were.

Sangria was the name of the game for me, there was a good choice other than the standard red wine and the cava sounded better than the white, red or rose, it was good. Although value for money wise, for your £17.50 you got a lot of juice and only 3 glasses. It was however very refreshing and tasty, but I'd expect more from a pitcher - less ice and more fruit. Others went for red wine...later however we would really open up the bar.

For food? We ordered everything. Here are the highlights; garlic bread and alioli, cured meats, cheese parcels, calamari, steak, garlic mushrooms, garlic prawns (see a patten forming?) chicken skewers, it was all good.

Later on? We moved onto spirits, shots, cocktails and lots of them. The measures are good and the mixers really made the place, the decor was quirky and fun. The music could have done with being turned up a notch or two, but if you were on a date you may be thinking differently. In its tucked away location just off Old Street it was a great find. I'd recommend for groups, date, friends, family...anyone who appreciates a good bit of garlic.

Atmosphere: 4/5
Food: 4/5
Drink: 3/5
Overall: 4/5 - mainly for the vibe
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